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Hi, nice to meet you. 

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I'm Jon, a UX designer with a background in Business Intelligence, Sales and Project Management.


Designing dashboards, scorecards and pitch decks in my previous roles is how I developed a keen interest in visual design, as well as an understanding of the importance of a strong narrative. This, in combination with a data-driven and technical mindset led me to pursue my dream career in UX. 


The chance to be the voice of the customer and channel feedback into digital solutions that will help people solve their problems, is something I truly enjoy.



Who am I? 

I really enjoy making connections with people and learning about new cultures. I have had the chance to live and work in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London in the past, and feel that the people and experiences have really shaped who I am today.


In my spare time I love cooking for family and friends, and have a Cordon Bleu diploma in food and wine. Aside from food and design? Well my true love is my dog Reggie, and taking him out on new adventures! 

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What inspires me?

I get design inspiration from my surroundings, the general beauty and diversity of nature and the community. As a curious person in general, I enjoy noting down problem spaces in my everyday life, talking with people and researching ways to solve real issues. People like Danielle Krettek, that tackle problems with empathy and kindness inspire me to always strive to serve people better.

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